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Circa. 1880

Two brothers were deeded this beautiful land after battling in the Civil War around 1865. Years later, after much hard work the once barren land is transformed into fertile farmland providing corn, oats, and cattle to the community for over a century. 

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The centennial farm was purchased from the families of the two brothers and continued as a working farm till the mid 80's.

In 1997 Duane Schuil purchased the farm with the intent  to create a farm experience that everyone could enjoy. 

In 2000 Gabriel Farms was established.

Renovations of this historic farm soon began keeping the authenticity and history in the forefront of every decision. 

Over the years the landscape has evolved to resemble Schuil's vision of bringing the Napa Valley to Northern Michigan. 

Today Gabriel Farms & Winery offers a variety of authentic opportunities for all ages!

Today, you are free to walk around the property pick your own raspberries, haskaps, and apples.

Or, join us in our tasting room for a refreshing glass of wine, beer, or cider. All made here on site!


Want the full farm experience!?

Stay in your own private apartment or one of the four farmhouse rooms looking over the vineyard. 

All reservations are to be made through Airbnb or by clicking the button below.

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